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Participants Show TRIBAL-KZ / 10  May 19:00
Participants Show TRIBAL-KZ / 10  May 19:00
May 10, 2024, 7:00 PM GMT+5
Theater MTYUZ
The most talented dance groups and soloists came to our festival! We look forward to seeing live performances from our members! An incredible flow of inspiration, beauty, high-quality performance awaits you!
Gala Show TRIBAL-KZ / 11 May 19:00
Gala Show TRIBAL-KZ / 11 May 19:00
May 11, 2024, 7:00 PM GMT+5
Theater MTYUZ
⭐️ The most STAR concert with the participation of invited teachers! ⭐️ 7 international projects at one concert! ⭐️ The brightest performances from the participants of the festival and not only!
 FEST PARTY / TRIBAL-KZ Closing Party / May 12, 20:00
 FEST PARTY / TRIBAL-KZ Closing Party / May 12, 20:00
May 12, 2024, 8:00 PM GMT+5
Karaoke BRIO / Abay 8 / 2nd floor
Dancing until you drop, treats on every table, a video from the event and the most beautiful performances from the festival participants! This is where you can get a lottery prizes & gifts! Come dressed up and we will make this evening unforgettable!



Take the BEST seats now! 🔥

You can view the theater auditorium from the inside in 3D HERE


🟢 Payment on our website with any cards

Visa / Master Card / Kaspi and other banks.


⚠️ IMPORTANT! All letters and replies come IMMEDIATELY!

If you have not received your ticket, please check your SPAM folder🔴

To enter the concert, use the QR indicated on the ticket from your phone.

Printing is not required. We can scan QR from the Phone.


❓ Is it possible to pay on the spot?

🔘 YES! But it is better to book a place with the best view in advance. Usually only the back rows remain at the entrance.

❓ What if I can't come?

🔘 It can be different situations. But we do not return tickets. However, the ticket can be given as a gift or resold to a person who can come instead of you, so that there is no wasted space to watch such a beautiful show.


❓ Is it possible to buy several tickets at once?

🔘 YES! Just select several tickets up to 10 per order and pay.


❓ Will names on tickets be checked?

🔘 NO. Visitors names and details will not be checked on the show entrance. Only the unique QR code on the ticket is checked. If suddenly you cannot go, you can give the ticket to another person.

❓ Are there any discounts for pensioners/children?

🔘 Unfortunately NO. You need to purchase a standard seat.

❓ Is it possible to come with a child?

🔘 YES. But it all depends on the child character. Some children watch with great interest. And some are scared by the volume and images of the dancers. We will have performances with mystical fantasy images. Therefore, be guided by the child. With babies and toddlers, there is a risk that the babies can be scared and they can start crying loudly. And when recording a video of a concert it is very audible. Therefore, it is better to take care that the mood of the baby and the mood of the artists and audience are not disappointed during the show. Moms also need to be alone and relax! =) Enjoy!

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