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Jamal Seydan

Choreographer of adult groups ATS and TRIBAL FUSION
Dancing experience: more than 10 years
Teaching experience: more than 10 years

A psychologist by training, Zhamal is a dance teacher with significant experience and a unique talent for working with people. She has an exceptional ability to understand the individual needs and abilities of each student, finding an approach to each. Her lessons are always filled with warmth, understanding and support, which allows students to feel comfortable and confident.

Higher education: 

2000-2004 T Zhurgenov Academy, specialty: Fashion Design. 

2022-2023 MTSU specialty Psychologist

2023 International Certified Coach ICU

Art therapist, energy therapist, game practitioner. 

As a child, from the age of 14 to 19, I danced Sports Ballroom Dancing and taught younger groups.

While studying at AkAcademy became interested in folk dances.

Beginning of dance activities in the dance hallnom style tribal - Tribal PRO. VAstana since 2018. 

Took master classes and seminars from eminent tribal teachers within the framework tribal festivals TRIBAL-KZ.

Seydan Jamal / Flamenco Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
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Zhamal Seidan / Astana / TORT. PARTY  2018
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