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Photoproject with Darya Kagarmanova
Photoproject with Darya Kagarmanova
Every woman has her own unique beauty! How often do we create our own frameworks and beliefs, judge our beauty in a stereotyped way, sometimes not noticing at all that the most important thing is our uniqueness, and not perfection. Daria Kagarmanova, a photographer and dancer rolled into one, will help you find YOU in this project.


Saletickets opens
FROM FEBRUARY 1st at 10:00 ASTANA time


Select your time and register. 

  •  30 minutes of photoshoot in one of the best studios in the city!

  • Processed retouching of 10 photos of your choice + all original photos. You can then additionally order photo retouching in person with Daria - additional processing of one photo - 2500 tenge ($5)

  • Let's help with images in the telegram chat of the participants -video lesson from Meos (new version!), how to put together an image and a piece of fabric and how to come up with and practice your poses.


Delicate ethnic minimalism. The makeup is light, you can have smoky eyes. False eyelashes and harsh stage makeup will look more aggressive. There will be a lot of close shots and details.

Don't be shy about your beauty! She is gorgeous! You can find inspiration in the gallery of Daria's works below.

Main points to image: femininity, ethnicity, freedom, sensuality, beauty.


🗓 MAY 7

The shooting will take place from 16:00 to 21:00 (30 minutes per person)


⚠️ There are as many as 4 studios with this name! Be careful and come to the right address! 

Shevchenko 8/2.  Hall LOFT 160

💰 Price $60 / 28,000 tenge

(studio rental, photographer, organizational questions) 

     The course is constantly changing. That's it for now. 

Be at the location IN MINIMUM 30 MINUTES!

So that no one panics. The photo studio is paid on time. 

Therefore, we cannot extend the time due to late arrivals.



Daria is a talented photographer with a unique creative approach. She is able to see the beauty in every woman and convey it through the camera lens. Her photographs are distinguished by their refined aesthetics and deep understanding of female nature.


Daria skillfully works with light, composition and colors, creating stunning images that highlight the individuality of each of you. 

She is not only a photographer, but also a professional dancer, one of the main teachers at Tribal PRO. and team leader in Almaty. She knows exactly how to help you feel and pose in front of the camera. 


Inspiration for your creativity...

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