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Olessya Erman

Choreographer for adult and children's groups
Dancing experience: since childhood
Teaching experience: more than 10 years

Certified teacher of the tribal dance style, annually improving his skills through various master classes.

In 2014, she performed for the first time as part of the Tribal PRO team on the stage of the American Tribal Festival in the USA, California. An annual participant in the TRIBAL-KZ festival and a choreographer and director of group show numbers that have successfully performed at various international venues.


More than 20 tribal certificates: Rachel Brice (USA), Zoe Jakes (USA), Carolena Nericcio (USA), Ami Sigil ("Unmata", USA), Tjarda (The Uzumé Dance Company, Holland), Illan Riviere (France) , Wendy Allen and Sandi Ball FCBD (Fat Chance Belly Dance), Sharon Kihara (USA), Kami Liddle (USA), Kristine Adams (USA), Manca Pavli (Slovenia).

Jazz-funk/ high heels: MK by Nikolay Barni (Barni) 2015 - deluxe edition


IT CONVENTION! 2016 Novosibirsk

Dance Intensive U!GO Dance 2017


Diploma in Pilates Art Basic from the school of aerobics instructors Varvara Medvedeva ITS 2017


Mind Fitness & Aqua Convention 2017 (3rd international fitness convention) from KazFitnessAcademy ​

Уникальная Студия Танцев / Нур-Султан / Танцы в Астане / Tribal PRO.
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