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"If you want to go fast, go alone.  

If you want to go far, go with others." 

African proverb

"Teams make you better than you are and MULTIPLY your value,

allow you to do what you do best, allow you to

to youhelp others do their best..."

John Calvin Maxwell




You are not only study and take the material for further development with your notes at home, but also show the result on stage, and so you work out every detail

here and now. And a little bit before festival to have bonus video material in advance.  It is deeper, longer education process and unforgettably magical!


Thanks to these projects, under the guidance of masters specially invited to the festival with extensive experience, as well as the trust of the participants,

real Art is born on the stage.


            This is a pre-recorded training video for participants. 

Each teacher's approach may be different, but basically you will get some combinations of choreography that you need to learn, or techniques that you need to practice on your own.

In any case, we give the time for each participant to memorize and practice, because we all have different memory speeds. And this is reason number 1, why we learn some things in advance. All festivals are limited in time, and we economy on hotels, vacations and finances.

That's why half of the project is you and the teacher on the video, which you can watch at any time convenient for you.

           For those who had experience of performing on stage.

The level in projects is not that important, because it's primarily an EDUCATION process. The teacher will look at your attached links to the video to understand the level of the group, and will definitely divide the pieces of choreography according to complexity. However, it will be quite difficult to participate with zero stage experience. Therefore, our one and only criterion is that you have already performed in a group or solo before, on stage or at a party. For ATS/FCBD dancers it's the request to know basic movements, and of course your desire to learn new ones. 

            Costume base and props - included in the price

           and stay with you! 

Now you don't need to worry about the cost of the costume. We will sew and organize costumes for everyone, which will remain with you. From the teacher you will only receive recommendations on makeup and hairstyle (not difficult! Since we participate in different projects), as well as additional things. For example, “any light bracelets” or “ring earrings” or “Flowers for the head for ATS” that every tribal dancer has, and if not, in the chat we can help each other with this and borrow it.

Your costume designer and seamstress - "FROM OLGA MEOS WITH LOVE 🖤"

These costumes then live for a long time in solo projects after the festival.

And author is really happy about it. =)

Measurements are taken in advance and in 99% of cases fit perfectly. 


            Clear deadlines.

All teachers will film and will get you material NOT LESS than a month before the festival. Before April 1st, all projects groups will receive the videos. We plan to distribute everything from March 15th. But definitely not later than April 1st. 


            Telegram members chat. 

For communication with you, questions and any assistance in finding details, chats will be organized. You can put chats on silent mode, because nothing urgent happens there. But try to check for updates periodically. Also, if you suddenly cannot figure out with some of the movements from the videos, you can write a question to the teacher at any time. Or participants can help to each other. 

                  Come and create TOGETHER!

Goosebumps from the long-awaited meeting, and now we all gathered together in the dance room. We have a few hours to put everything together. At this stage, it is very important to LISTEN to the instructions of the curator and be creative open. Each of us, including the teacher, are very important puzzles of the project. 

            SHOW MUST GO ON! 

This is of course a performance. A storm of emotions, unforgettable impressions, support from the entire team and of course from the teacher. We are already very experienced in staging, many have participated several times. So if you need help, ask! We will definitely respond!



We will not reveal all our cards! 

The images, idea and content of the project will remain "behind the curtain". We want to surprise the viewer, without spoilers =) Therefore, you will find here an approximate style of the projects to understand in which direction

you will develop. We tried to make as diverse topics as possible.

After all, every project is the brainchild and manifestation of the teacher himself. We learn their strongest qualities. 

Don't worry about the images! Everyone at our festival is beautiful!

There will be many reasons for selfies!

You can participate from one to THREE not intersecting by time projects

to choose from according to the schedule. We will arrange numbers at the show

with a minimum 15-minute break to change costumes.

Sara Lyn

8 May 13:30-16:00 | 2.5 hours

9 May 13:30-16:00 | 2.5 hours

+ rehearsal on stage 20 minutes

Sara RU_edited_edited.jpg
Sara en.jpg

Classic, beautiful and serpentinetribal fusion


Sara Lyn is a dancer with an elegant and graceful manner of performing dance numbers with elements of snake plasticity. Her movements resemble the smooth curves of a snake captivatingly coiled around itself. Her performances are filled with energy, and her dance seems to tell a story, captivating the audience with her unique technique and expressiveness.  

At this festival we have a unique opportunity to participate in her project, because Sarah is not only a virtuoso dancer, but also an excellent teacher with an eye for detail.


8 May 13:30-16:00 | 2.5 hours

9 May 13:30-16:00 | 2.5 hours

+ rehearsal on stage 20 minutes

Ti RU_edited.jpg

Sensual, strong and

aesthetic tribal fusion

Her movements are delightfully graceful, as if they float in the air, attracting the attention of everyone who looksyells at her. Her dance expresses sophistication and grace in every movement.  Tiana has the unique gift of turning her body into a musical instrument, filling the space around her with an incredible contrast of strength and beauty. Her dance is the language with which she speaks about emotions, about love, about life.


Her passion for aesthetics makes her projects incredibly beautiful, interesting and creative, capable of immersing viewers in a completelyanother, magical world.

Ti en.jpg

8 May 16:30-19:00 | 2.5 hours

9 May 16:30-19:00 | 2.5 hours

+ rehearsal on stage 20 minutes

Vale RU_edited.jpg
Vale en.jpg

Mystically beautiful dark fusion.

Valenteena is a mysterious dancer whose style is an amazing combination of mysticism and sophistication. Her dance is shrouded in a mysterious aura, as if she is summoned from a fantasy world. Every move she makes is executed with absolute refinement. Valenteena radiates the magnetism of a skillfully shaded dark aesthetic, as if she plays with the energy of darkness, turning it into art.


Her project will immerse viewers in a world of mystery and inexplicable attractiveness, creating an atmosphere of mysticism, power and hypnosis.

Philippa Moirai

8 May 16:30-19:00 | 2.5 hours

9 May 16:30-19:00 | 2.5 hours

+ rehearsal on stage 20 minutes

Philipa RU_edited.jpg

Classic aesthetics in ATS® /FCBD®

Philippa is a talented dancer whose style reflects her deep dedication to the classical principles of dance and professionalism in her work. Her movements are full of elegance and grace, which allows her to stand out among other performers. Her dance is imbued with aesthetics and strength. Strong technique, which she has been improving over the years. She combines traditional elements with modern trends to create a stunning dance performance that embodies the grandeur and harmony of this style.

Philippa is an inspiring figure in the ATS world, combining craftsmanship, aesthetics and a keen interest in the development of her students. This project will be about the classics of ATS and in all its glory of our favorite form of dance.

Philipa en.jpg

8 May 19:30-22:00 | 2.5 hours

9 May 19:30-22:00 | 2.5 hours

+ rehearsal on stage 20 minutes

Olga RU_edited_edited.png
Olga en.jpg

Aesthetics of the Middle East 

in ATS® /FCBD®

Olga and her dance are a true manifestation of love for the culture of the Middle East. Inspired by these rich traditions and distinctive dance styles, she brings a unique flavor and authenticity to her performances, combined with a creative approach to project management.

Interesting choreographic puzzles, harmonious compositions, working with images, we will learn all this in this project. Plunge into the atmosphere of the mysterious East and be inspired by its wisdom and beauty.


Performance Project

100 USD
47,000 KZT
9,200 RUB


🔴 If you have a card KASPI or any other card of Kazakhstan, choose a payment methodSTRIPE. We enter your card details, pay, a confirmation email arrives automatically and you don’t need to do anything after that.
Don't forget to check your SPAM folder. 

🔵 If you have a PayPal profile or a foreign Visa / Master Card, then you can make a payment through this system or also through STRIPE



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